Топики на английском языке "My friend"

Несколько топиков на тему «My friend», с помощью которых вы сможете рассказать о своем лучшем друге, и в общем о своих друзьях.

I've got a lot of friends, but my best friend is Paul. He is 18, he has an oval face, straight nose, blue eyes & attractive smile. So people find him good- looking. Paul is particularly known for his warm & friendly character. Whenever a friend is in trouble he never fails to help. He is always open- minded &interested in other people. The only thing I don't like about P is that he smokes. But he is a person of a strong character & I'm sure he will get rid of this bad habit. In general my friend is an interesting person. He is well- read, he is fond of music, he plays basketball & football well. Paul has a great sense of humour & I like to spend time with him. It's impossible to be depressed with him around.



I have many friends. But my best friend is Nick. We made friends many years ago when we went to one and the same school. Nick is 18 years old. He is a university student. He is going to become a research worker. 
Nick is a fine fellow. He is good-looking, tall and handsome. His hair is fair, his eyes are blue. He is always well dressed. He is strong and he is very popular among his mates. Nick knows a lot of interesting things. He sings well and likes to joke. 
Топики на английском языке на тему We always meet at the week-ends. We discuss books, listen to the music or visit our friends. 
Nick is never down-hearted. He is always full of life and energy. He is always ready to help people when they are in need. 
Nick has good manners. He is modest and sincere. He is very attentive. I am happy to have such a friend as Nick because he is a true one.



I have a friend. Her name is Helen. She is fifteen. Helen is a nice girl. Helen has two brothers. They are fine chaps. Nick is a student and Mark is a clerk in a big office. Mark is always very busy. He comes home very late. 
I often go to see Helen. Helen is fond of music. She plays the piano very well. She is going to become a musician. We often go to the conservatoire and enjoy the live music. 
Her favourite writer is Charles Dickens. 'Oliver Twist' is her favourite novel by Dickens. 
Together with Helen we go to the museums and art galleries. She likes Russian painters most of all.

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