Стихи-валентинки на английском языке

Самые лучшие стихи – валентинки на английском языке.

To My Valentine

If apples were pears,
And peaches were plums,
And if the rose had a different name -
If tigers were bears,
And fingers were thumbs
I'd love you just the same!

My Valentine

It's nice to have a friend like you.
I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
Because you make me feel so fine,

I'll take you for my valentine!



Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,

And so are you!



My love is like a cabbige:
Devided into two.
The leaves I give to others,

The heatr I give to You!



Good day to you, Valentine
Curl your locks as I do mine
Two before and three behind

Good day to you, Valentine



My heart to you is given
Oh do give yours to me
We'll lock them up together

And throw away the key



Here is a valentine.
I made it just for you.
With paper and ribbons
And lots of Elmer's glue!
I cut it with my scissors
And designed it with my paint.
If I tell you that I love you,
Do you promise not to faint?

Each Day Your Smile Becomes My Morning Star

Each day your smile becomes my morning star.
I look at you and then my feelings shine.
From you I learn far more than words or numbers:
You're the book that someday will be mine.
You're the one whose love my love of learning
Will one day trace in its ancestral line.
For all the ways you help me grow towards beauty,
I ask you please to be my Valentine.

I Wish You Were My Valentine

I wish you were my Valentine
Though I may not be yours,
And I may, in my ignorance,
Стихи-валентинки на английском языкеBe speaking to closed doors.
I have no inkling of your heart,
No hint what you might say;
But when I think of you the sun
Will just not go away.
There is in you a loveliness
That makes my darkness shine,
And so I'll wait, if wait I must,
To be your Valentine.

Valentine's for Mothers, Too

Valentine's for mothers, too-
A time to celebrate
Love in all its symphony,
Each gift of fertile fate.
No pasture is more rich in grass;
The sea is not so full;
In heaven all the stars are not
Near so plentiful,
Each mother's heart to fill.

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