Стихи о животных на английском языке

Стихи на английском о животных.

The white bear. 

The water in the sea is cold,
It is cold as ice,
But I am not afraid at all:
My coat is warm and nice.  

Grizzly bear.

If you ever, ever, ever meet a grizzly bear - 
You must never, never, never ask him where
He is going - 
or what he is doing: 
For if you ever, ever dare 
To stop a grizzly bear - 
You will never meet 
Another grizzly bear.

Little pussy.

I have a little pussy 
And her coat is grey
She lives in my house
And she never runs away.

My cat. 

Nickety, pickety, my black cat!
Likes to sit in my blue hat.
Nickety, pickety, my black cat!

My black cat.

My cat is black 
My cat is fat
My cat likes rat
Rats are grey and fat. 

I have a cat.

I have a cat, his name is Pit,
And with me he likes to sit, 
For Pit loves me, and I love Pit.

My cat.

I love my cat. 
It is warm and fat.
My cat is grey,
It likes to play.

The cow says, “Moo, moo, 
I have some milk for you”.

Dog. Puppy.

Puppy, puppy, come to me,
Let us play under the tree.

I have a dog,
His name is Jack. 
His head is white, 
His ears are black.


I have a little dog 
And his name is Jack
His head is white 
And his ears are black. 

My dog.

My dog is clever, strong and quick, 
It's name is Spot, my name is Nick. 
My dog is nice, my dog is gay,
We play together every day.

A frog. 

The little green frog 
Jumps on a log, 
Takes off his cloak
And begins to croak! 

Once I caught a frog alive. Then I let it go again.
Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite?
This little finger on the right.


Jiggety-jig, jiggety-jig, 
Pete's horse is little, 
And Dan's horse is big.
Jiggety-jig, jiggety-jig.


Today, when I was at the Zoo, 
I watched the mother kangaroo. 
Inside her skin she has a pocket.
She puts her baby there to rock it.

The lion 

My paws are big and strong,
My tail is very long,
My mane is fine and thick,
And I’m very big. 

Yellow lion

I see a big yellow lion 
A big yellow lion! 
What a big yellow lion! 
What a lion! What a lion! 

I'm a lion.

I'm a lion R-R-R
My name is Clide.
My jaws are big and wide

The tiger-cub 

I’m a baby tiger,
My coat is smooth and nice, 
It is of yellow color 
With pretty narrow stripes. 


I think mice are very nice, 
Their tails are long, 
Their faces are small, 
They haven't any chins at all.
Their ears are pink,
Their teeth are white,
They run about the house at night.
They eat things
They must not touch.
And no one seems to like them much.
But I think mice are very nice. 

Стихи на английском о животныхLittle grey mouse.

- Little grey mouse, 
Where is your house? 
- I can show you my flat
If you don't tell the cat.
My flat has no door
I live under the floor
I come out in the night
And go back when it's light.

Where do you live?

Where do you live little mouse? 
Where do you live? In the Zoo? 
In the Zoo? Oh, no. Do you?
Do you live in the Zoo? 
I live in the house like you.


I said to crocodile: 
"Will you play with me?"
"Oh,no," - said Crocodile.
"oh, no," - said he.
Here is my tooth-brush
And here is my cup so new.
I must brush my teeth.
I cannot play with you.

Little bird, little bird, 
Look at me.
I have a bird house.
Oh! Come and see.
Little boy, little boy
Under the tree.
I like your house,
Give it to me. 

Little bird.

Once I saw a little bird 
Come hop, hop, hop,
And I cried, Little bird 
Will you stop, stop, stop.


An elephant lives in the Zoo, 
In the Zoo, in the Zoo! 
A zebra lives there, too, 
In the Zoo, in the Zoo.

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