Топик на английском языке "Meals"

Топики на английском языке «Meals» помогут изучить названия приемов пищи и продуктов. С их помощью вы сможете рассказать о своих любимых блюдах.

Meals (Еда)

There are four meals a day in an English home: breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner.
Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is at about 8 o'clock in the morning, and consists of porridge with milk and salt or sugar, eggs – boiled or fried, bread and butter with marmalade or jam. Some people like to drink tea, but others prefer coffee. Instead of porridge they may have fruit juice, or they may prefer biscuits.
The usual time for lunch is 1 o'clock. This meal starts with soup or fruit juice. Then follows some meat or poultry with potatoes – boiled or fried, carrots and beans. Then a pudding comes. Instead of the pudding they may prefer cheese and biscuits. Last of all coffee – black or white. Englishmen often drink something at lunch. Water is usually on the table. Some prefer juice or lemonade.
Tea is the third meal of the day. It is between 4 or 5 o'clock, the so-called 5 o'clock tea. On the table there is tea, milk or cream, sugar, bread and butter, cakes and jam. Friends and visitors are often present at tea.
Dinner is the fourth meal of the day. The usual time is about 7 o'clock, and all the members of the family sit down together. Dinner usually consists of soup, fish or meat with vegetables – potatoes, green beans, carrot and cabbage, sweet pudding, fruit salad, ice-cream or cheese and biscuits. Then after a talk they have black or white coffee.
This is the order of meals among English families. But the greater part of the people in the towns, and nearly all country-people, have dinner in the middle of the day instead of lunch. They have tea a little later – between 5 and 6 o'clock, and then in the evening, before going to bed, they have supper.
So the four meals of the day are either breakfast, dinner, tea, supper; or breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner.


Breakfast is the first meal of the day; brunch is a late breakfast with breakfast and lunch dishes; lunch is the noon meal, usually smaller than dinner and often eaten quickly; supper is a light evening meal; dinner is an evening or large noon meal. Many people always say either «dinner» or «supper» to mean their evening meal. Then there’s no difference between the two. Raw means not cooked at all; well-done means cooked completely. These words can be used for meat or vegetables or fish, while the other words here are only for meat. Rare means just cooked a little bit; medium means the meat is pink inside; medium-rare is between medium and rare. Soft drinks are sweet, carbonated drinks without any alcohol; hard drinks are made with liquor: vodka, bourbon, gin, tequila, etc. Beer and wine are not usually considered to be hard drinks. Straight and on the rocks are ways of serving liquor. Straight means out of the bottle, not mixed with anything; on the rocks means with ice cubes. You order food to go when you want to take it somewhere to eat it. You get a doggie bag when a restaurant meal is too big for you to finish there and you want to take the rest home with you.

Топик на английском языке MealsMy family’s meals

My family isn't large. It consists of four members. But each member of our family has his own tastes and interests. For example, my brother is fond of sports. So early in the morning he goes jogging. That's why he has nothing to eat before it, because it would be bad for him to eat before exercises. But when he comes back, he has a shower and is more than ready for breakfast. He always needs a cup of coffee to really wake him up. His breakfast usually consists of a bowl of cereal with milk and sugar. This he follows by toasts and juice. My father eats the same as my brother.
My mother has a lighter breakfast of just youghurt and a grapefruit. As for me, a cup of tea is enough for breakfast. And my mother sometimes scolds me for it, because it's important to have a really goods breakfast. We don't have our main meal at lunchtime. My father takes sandwiches with him to work. To be healthy, he also eats fruit. My mother is able to be more varied in her lunches, because she is a housewife. It means that she can prepare what she likes. Her favourite dish is roast meat. As she likes to bake, there is always something tasty at home.
Our evening meal is usually eaten at 7 o'clock. The main course is often meat with vegetables. Sometimes we eat pizza or pasta with delicious sauce. We try to eat our main meal together. In our busy lives it is the one time of day when we sit down and have a good talk.

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