Топик на английском Mother's Birthday

Простой, но полезный топик на английском Mother's Birthday.


День рождения мамы

Next Sunday will be an unusual day for our family. It will be our mother's birthday. My brother Nick and I decided to go to town and buv a present for her.

We shall go to town on Saturday after school to do shopping. We can go to town either by train or by bus. Nick likes to go by bus, but I don't like buses. I think we shall not go by bus, we shall go by train.

Топик на английском Mother's BirthdayWhat shall we buy? As we shall have a party, we need good sweets, coffee, cheese, sausage, biscuits and cakes. I know Mother likes cakes very much. So we shall buy cakes.

We shall buy a new dress and a raincoat or an umbrella for her.

It is a great pleasure to make people happy and we want to make our mother happy.

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